Bishop Electronics

They take a full-service consultative approach to all our customer needs giving you access to their highly skilled in-house team of design and development engineers to help you overcome any technical challenges that arise during product conceptualization, design, manufacture or installation. They can supply and customize everything for you, from the embedded boards and associated software, to the displays, tooling and mounting kits and more, further reducing development time and accelerating time to market.

They provide a host of supporting documentation on a wide variety of subjects. These can be found in the knowledge base section. Our technical support will give you the right solution customized to your individual needs.

  • Development kits - An extremely easy to use proprietary evaluation and development kit that simplifies prototyping.
  • End-to-end service - An end-to-end service that works with you from product conceptualization and design through to manufacture.
  • First rate facilities - We have first-rate procurement, manufacturing and test facilities in both Asia and USA manned by an experienced team of over 70 quality and project management engineers.
  • Right first time - We help you get it right first time, so keeping your costs manageable.


  • Industrial
  • Audio
  • Telecom
  • Consumer
  • Medical
  • Computing
  • Industrial Automation

Product offerings:

  • Broadcast Solutions
  • OLED Displays
  • TFT Displays
  • Monochrome LCD Displays
  • TFT Monitors
  • Embedded Solutions