A fabless company, Fidelix’ Mobile memories provide full range of mobile memory solution with LP SDRAM, LP DDR SDRAM, Async PSRAM, Burst A/D Mux PSRAM, and Burst PSRAM which are designed to satisfy a variety demand of all mobile applications. They also supply Known Good Die (KGD), and bare die devices that meet the highest specifications for functionality, and reliability. Fidelix is committed to conservation of natural resources and minimizing our impact on the environment. Fidelix actively seeks out and implements innovative methods and processes that provides lead-free and green memory products.


  • Navigation
  • Security
  • Telecommunications
  • Networking
  • Consumer
  • Hand held devices

Product offerings:

  • Low Power SDRAM
  • Low Power DDR SDRAM
  • Async PSRAM
  • Burst PSRAM


Press Release: