Isocom Components

Isocom Components is a leading manufacturer of high performance infrared optoelectronic devices specializing in optocouplers and optoswitches. Since the business was established over 25 years ago they have consistently delivered in excess of their customer’s expectations to become one of the most respected brands in the worldwide optoelectronic industry.

Their expert knowledge and flexible manufacturing processes result in the shortest production lead times in the world for many parts. Their product quality and superior customer service is unrivaled and is endorsed by their many long-standing customers.

Isocom Components is your natural alternative to all popular commercial optocoupler industry standard types including many no longer supplied by other manufacturers. In addition, they carry out special parametric selections to meet customer’s specific circuit design requirements.

Their parts are available approved to the leading recognized industry standards and all devices are available in various lead forms and in Tape and Reel packaging if required.


  • Computing
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Defense
  • Telecommunications
  • Security

Product offerings:

  • Transistors (Singles, Duals, & Quads)
  • AC Inputs (Singles, Duals, & Quads + Single 6 Pin Devices)
  • Schmitt Triggers (Single Channel, Microprocessor Compatible)
  • Darlingtons (Singles, Duals, & Quads)s
  • Triacs (Standard & Zero Crossing Devices)
  • Low Power Couplers (Single, Dual, & Quad – Transistor & Darlington Devices)


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