Linvox Corp

Linvox Corporation, is a spin-off company of its parent company, Tumbler Corporation. Tumbler Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of power cords. Linvox Corporation was formed to help broaden and expand Tumbler's product line. In addition to power cords, Linvox focuses on "greener" products such as energy saving LED lighting, energy efficient indoor air cooling systems and other products that will make the Earth an environmental friendlier place.

Linvox focuses on providing the best quality products and customer service. They offer J.I.T. service and RMA. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, their office and warehouse facility is 21,000 sq. feet. This offers Linvox a comfortable work environment and storage space for their inventory. To service their customers more, field offices will be established throughout the country.

With Linvox being part of the high tech Silicon Valley, Linvox is exposed to the constant new "green" and eco-friendly technology and products that are emerging. Linvox will continue to provide their customers with new and innovated products throughout the years.


  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Consumer

Product offerings:

  • Electronic Ventilation Solutions
  • LEDs
  • Power Cords


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